Pence 1979



How it all started

Pence was founded in 1979, period in which the process of treating fabrics becomes a trend in the fashion panorama. In these years piece dyed cotton garments and jeans become the favorites in everybody’s wardrobe, that’s because they’re versatile and trendy at the same time.

What it became

After more than 30 years, surviving the changes of time and fashion, Pence comes back with a new collection that combines tradition with innovation and at the same time bases itself on new concepts, new manufacture techniques, a new design and an extraordinary attention to small details that characterizes it.  

Our motivation

Passion, curiosity and interest for the clothing raw materials, meaning fabrics and their possible transformations, gave birth to Pence then as today, handed down from a generation to the following one.  

The quality

The treatments on our garments, doesn’t matter if they’re made of cotton, wool, silk or any derivative of them, are the pivot of the research of a skilled and passionate staff. Our garments are the result of hours and hours dedicated to the study of raw materials together with technicians from the best Italian laundries and dying houses combined with a constant desire for novelty and creativity.  

Our mission

Love for what we do will never made us compromise the quality or design that we intend to offer. For us nothing comes before our product and everything is about providing the best fit, look and quality to those who select us.

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