Les Coyotes de Paris

Les Coyotes de Paris tells the imaginary story about the 4th arrondissement in Paris, where girls are running through the streets as fast as ''Coyotes'', the Parisian prairie wolves. Les Coyotes have their own eclectic style and have the perfect ''je ne sais quoi'' attitude, they capture the true Parisian spirit.

Les Coyotes de Paris is all about a timeless wardrobe. A nostalgic take on iconic & classic shapes and nautical details. Beautiful 60's & 70's silhouettes that are twisted into new updated modern looks. 

We strongly believe the look of a female wardrobe can be the same for mostly all ages. We love to dress the young girls in the age of 6-10 years old, but also the teen girls 10-12 years old and the (young) women sizes XS, S and M.

True beauties remain timeless. Time passes by us and mediocre will be forgotten, but the real beauty and exquisite always capture us. Timeless pieces are our core and consistent values.

Founded by Marie, the brand is a reflection of her own personality. 
Driven by the emotion of creating something pure and inspired by strong classic & iconic pieces, Les Coyotes de Paris was born.


''To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance''
- Oscar Wilde

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